Baba Sidhgoria Nath ji | Sidh Baba | Swankhe 

Baba Sidhgoria Nath Swankha

Baba Sidhgoria Nath temple is a popular shrine in the City of Temples, Jammu, located in the district Samba about 35 Km away from the main city of Jammu. 

Baba Sidhgoria Nath Temple is a place of worship for many primarily living in the Northern plains of India. 

Every year Lakhs of pilgrims visit the temple site to pay their obeisance to Baba Sidh Goria Nath. It is one of the best places to visit in Jammu

At present, Sidhgoria Temple Shrine has emerged as a major pilgrimage site in the Jammu region as well as in Northern India. 

In recent years, temple premises had been developed to sustain the load of annual pilgrims came to pay their respect to Baba Sidh Goria, however, every Tuesday and Sunday, a festival (Mela) is organised at the Baba Sidhgoria Temple Swankha.

Folklore of Baba Sidhgoria 

In the Jammu region, the folklores are very popular. In the ancient folklore of the Sidh Goria Nath ji, it is believed that the Sidh Goria Nath had four births after which Baba ji attained liberation. 
  • Life as a Fish 
  • Life in the Grave 
  • Life as a Killer King
  • Life as Baba Sidh Goria

Why Baba ji is called Sidh Goria Nath ?

Sidh : He had done meditation for 12 years.
Goria : He was born from the grave of his mother.
Nath : He is from the Nath-Panth.

 रोने अन्द्धे , हसदे जन्दे , बावे दा ना सुनाई  |  
केह-केह तेरे अंदर चढ़दा ,केह-केह बाहर चढाई  |
मीठा रोट  तेरे अंदर चढ़दा , बाहर धूनी लाई  |
संगता जै -जै  कार बलंदिआ , भगवे चण्डे लाई  |   

How to reach Baba Sidh Goria Nath Temple Swankha : 

In the Jammu-Pathankot National Highway, before Samba a town known as VIjaypur comes in the way. From Vijaypur town approx 1.5 km in Jammu side comes Swankha Mood (turn), which is 35 km from Jammu main city. A village names as Than comes, 7 km into the Swankha Mood. The holy temple of Baba Sidh Goria is in the Than village. The holy temple of Baba ji is over the pond situated in the mid.

Sidh Goria Mela and Shinj 

Every year a Fair (Mela) is organised in the Swankha Temple for a week. However, pilgrims visit the temple mostly on Sunday and Tuesday. In the fair, pilgrims from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal and from many other places also come. 

In the Temple Premises 

While one set foot in the holy Sidh Swankha temple, in the left-hand side, the presence of a zealous temple dedicated to the past Mahants (priests) adds to the serenity of the site. 

Baba Sidhgoria Samadhi 

sidh goria nath

The temple of  Baba Sidh Goria rests over a beautiful pond, an artistic bridge is built to go inside Baba Sidh Goria temple Samadhi Sathal

Baba Bharav Nath 

barav Nath

Baba Bharav Nath temple is just outside the Baba Sidh Goria temple. It is believed that Baba Bharav Nath cures the illness of the pilgrims. 

Banyan Tree 

A gigantic banyan tree outside the Baba Sidhgoria Temple, near Baba Bharav Nath Temple, provide shade to the pilgrims. It is believed, it is the same tree under which Baba Sidhgoria did their meditation. Initially, the tree was dead but after the coming of Baba ji, it gives a new life to the tree and it is still green, radiating energy. 

Baba Surgal  Dev 

It is a very beautiful temple nearby Baba Sidh Goria Nath temple, there's an idol of Baba Surgal dev ji inside the temple along with the Bambia (Barmi) which gives the visuals of Naag-Look. 

Sacred Pond

Baba Sidhgoria Nath

The pond in which the water is maintained and regulated by the temple committee is sacred and pilgrims from far-flung areas came here to bathe in the holy water of this sacred pond. While Bathing it is believed to face Baba Sidhgoia temple which is in the mid of the pond. 


Also, a cowshed (Goshala) is built by the temple committee. It was built by Mahant Shri Ratan Nath ji and the cows are taken care of by the temple workers appointed by the temple committee. 

Baba Ditto and Mathra Mai Samadhi 

Baba Ditto and Mathra Mai are the parents of the Baba Sidhgoria Nath ji. Their samadhi is nearby the pond. Also, along with their samadhis, Shote Balku: brother of Baba Sidh Goria Nath ji's samadhi is also there.

Jai Baba Sidh Goria Nath ji 

Sidhgoria Nath Baba ji Swankha

Baba Sidhgoria Nath temple is a popular shrine in the holy lands of Jammu, Jammu is known for its spiritual wealth and temples. Baba Sidh Goria Nath Temple is a popular shrine with its historical importance. 

Baba Sidhgoria Nath Kark/Bhajan

This is a folk song of Jammu, locally known as Kark, sung in the praise of Baba Sidhgoria Nath. 

This Kark was sung by the famous artist of Jammu Gulam Muhammad.


Baba Sidhgoria Nath Shrine is nearly 800-year-old temple with a rich history. If you are in Jammu do visit this ancient temple. The annual fair in the month of July is the best time to visit the darbar of Baba Sidhgoria Nath Ji. 


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