Are you interested in News for Jammu and Kashmir?

Jammu and Kashmir, being the most sensitive part of India having various news sites particularly dedicated to the News for Jammu and Kashmir.

In this blog, I am going to list various sites dedicated to serve you News for Jammu and Kashmir on which you can rely.

  1. Daily Excelsior 
  2. Early Times 
  3. State Times 
  4. Kashmir Times 
  5. JK Media 
  6. Jammu Link News 
  7. Rising Kashmir 
  8. JK Observer 
  9. The Straight Line 
  10. JK Updates 

News for Jammu and Kashmir

1. Daily Excelsior

DailyExcelsior (Jk Newspaper) is a news and information group primarily focused on its daily newspaper publishing on Jammu and Kashmir.

 DailyExcelsior is an acknowledged name in journalism not only in the state of Jammu and Kashmir but also in the neighbouring states of Haryana, Himachal and New Delhi.

Daily Excelsior with its headquarters located in the city of temples: Jammu, is a popular name among the various English daily readers in the state.

Excelsior was converted into a daily in the year 1967 and currently holds the tag of the largest circulated regional English newspaper of the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

According to the Daily excelsior group, 2.3 lakhs copies circulate daily in Jammu and Kashmir.

2. Early Times

Early Times (Jk Newspaper) is a media/news company focused on Jammu and Kashmir with its headquarters in Jewel, Jammu city.

Early Times is also one of the prominent names in the state of Jammu and Kashmir when it comes to journalism.

Early times with its Facebook followers of more than 98K also publishes its daily newspaper.

3. State Times

With the tagline: 'the bold voice of J&K'. State Times is one of the most trusted names in Jammu and Kashmir to raise the voice of Locals of Jammu and Kashmir.

State times (Jk Newspaper) with 419K followers and 359K likes on Facebook has a vast reach to the readers.

4. Kashmir Times

Kashmir Times (J&k Newspaper) is one of the oldest English Newspaper in Jammu and Kashmir. It was started in 1954 as a weekly; turned into daily in 1964 and is being published regularly since then.

It is also one of the few newspapers of the state that has its reach in Haryana, Himachal and Delhi.

Apart from the English daily, Kashmir Times also publish:

  • Dainik Kashmir Times (Hindi Daily) 
  • Springer (Children's Magazine)
  • Jammu Prabhat (Dogri Daily) 

5. JK Media

JK Media is one of the most popular and leading news, current affairs and information portals in the state with over 1 Million followers on Facebook. 

JK Media established in the year 2010  has gained credibility since then by providing visitors with the right news and information. 

6. Jammu Link News

Jammu Link News is a multiplatform news and information media company started in the year 2010 which mainly focuses on the state of Jammu and Kashmir. 

According to the Jammu Link News, 'the average page views on the website ranges from 20K to 40K'.

It provides visitors breaking Jammu and Kashmir news, National News, World News, sports, lifestyle, weather, technology etc.

7. Rising Kashmir

Rising Kashmir, founded by Syed Shujaat Bukhari, as the name suggests is one of the most promising and the rising name in the field of Journalism in J&K. 

Rising Kashmir (Jk Newspaper) has its publishing house in the winter capital of Jammu and Kashmir: Srinagar.

Other publications under Rising Kashmir are: 
  • Buland Kashmir (Urdu) 
  • Sangarmal (Kashmiri)
  • Kashmir Parcham (Urdu)

8. State Observer

State observer with the offline newspaper publication of the same name is also one of the leading publications in English daily. 

State observer has its office in Bahu Plaza, Jammu city. According to the State Observer, 'State Observer caters to each and every need of the intellectual society of Newsreaders.'

9. The Straight Line

The Straight Line is a digital news venture founded by Miss Pallavi Sareen and Mr Syed Junaid Hashmi. 

At the age of 21, Miss Pallavi became the youngest Editor-in-Chief of the Jammu-based Socio-cultural news Magazine. 

According to the Straight Line, 'The pledge of Straight Line is that Journalism would never be advertisement-driven or controlled in any manner.'

Moreover, The Straight Line has a vibrant Youtube Chanel and other social media handles.

10. JK Updates

JKUpdates is an online news portal which provides information related to all aspects of Jammu and Kashmir.

It provides information under various categories such as News, Editorials, Sports, Art & Culture, Lifestyle, Technology, Travel, Fashion and more.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is the current status of Jammu and Kashmir? 

A. Jammu and Kashmir is legally a part of India as per the institute of accession signed by Hon. Maharaja Hari Singh; the last Dogra ruler of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Q. Is it safe to visit Jammu? 

A. Jammu is a lot safer than most of the cities in Northern India. Jammu is a peaceful region enriched with natural beauty with the divine presence. 

Q. Why Jammu is called the city of Temples? 

A. The people of Jammu are keen believers of God. This is evident by the temples in the city of Jammu. Moreover, various Dargahs, Mosques, Gurudwaras also there in Jammu city. 

Q. Who was the last ruler of Jammu and Kashmir? 

A. Maharaja Hari Singh was the last ruler of Jammu and Kashmir. He ruled the state of Jammu and Kashmir from 1925 to 1949.

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