Floating Post Office in India 

Floating Post office in India

India has 156,600 post offices all over the country. However, 1 out of 156,600 is a unique and major tourist attraction. 

Next time you visit Jammu and Kashmir, don't miss the opportunity to send a postcard back home bearing a stamp of majestic Dal Lake on it from this floating post office Srinagar

190001 is the Pin Code of the Floating Post Office in Dal Lake. There are seven Post Offices under the same PIN.

Around 50,000 people are living in the small islands of Dal Lake who are directly benefited by the floating post office. 

For them, the floating post office Dal Lake is the nearest Post Office which also serves as a Bank. 

This Post office is anchored between Ghat 14 and 15 of the Dal Lake.

Floating Post Office in India


Inaugurated in 2011 by the then Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Omar Abdullah along with the Minister of State for Communication Sachin Pilot

This innovation by the Indian Post will be a boon for the Tourist visiting the lake - Sachin Pilot

However, this post office marks its presence way before 2011. 

This floating post office is more than 200 years old established during the British Rule in India named as Nehru Post.

However, it was shut closed in 1990 due to the ongoing turmoil in the state. 

Later, it was started again in 2011 to provide a boost to the tourism sector in the state. 

It was then renamed as 'Floating post Office' by the Post Master, John Samuel.

During the devastating floods of 2014 in Kashmir, it was damaged badly but then restored to its previous glory.

From its existence till now, it is a unique Post office housed on a large Shikara floating in Dal Lake. 

It is the first floating post office in India provides services to more than 10 thousand residents of Srinagar.

However, it is not typically the only floating post office in the world.

J.W. Westcott II is also referred to as the floating post office of Michigan, United States of America.  

Hence, 190001 and 48222 are the only two floating zip codes in the world. 

FACT 1: India has a Post Office in Antarctica in Maitri.

Major Tourist Attraction

As being India's only floating post office, it is a major tourist attraction. 

Floating over the beautiful Dal Lake which is one of the most popular lakes in Asia.

Every Year thousands of tourist from all over the world come here to witness the serenity of the Dal lake. 

Dal Lake Kashmir

Also, many of them who are not aware of the floating post office felt astonished to see a government office anchored to the side of Dal, it is indeed a wonderful experience. 

The administration has also done its part to attract the most number of tourist to the valley and floating post office inaugurated in 2011 is a part of the same endeavour. 

The floating post office over the majestic Dal Lake surrounded by the magnificent Zabarwan mountain range provides a unique destination to the tourist in their visit to Kashmir.

Inside Floating Post Office

Inside the vast houseboat, there are two cabins one serving as the Post Office while other is dedicated to a philately Museum.

There is also a shop which offers postal stamps, books, postcards, local handicraft and other materials.

The Museum inside the floating post office used to showcase the history of Kashmir and has a wide collection of antique postage stamps from the 1980s.

However, the Museum is closed from the last three years.

The shop offers you a variety of local handicrafts, saffron materials, postcards, postage stamps for your collection, greeting cards and books on Kashmir. 

Also, the stamp of the post office bears a trademark Shikara on it rowing in the beautiful Dal Lake. 

Another peculiar aspect of this floating post office Dal Lake is that it provides 'My stamp' - which is a stamp with your own picture on it.

So, next time you visit this floating marvel don't forget to send a postcard back home with your own personalised stamp on it. 

Also, while entering make sure you remove your shoes in order to maintain the cleanliness of this wonderful floating office.

FACT 2: The world's highest Post Office is situated in Hikkim, Himachal Pradesh.

How to Reach Floating Post Office?


From Srinagar Airport: 

Dal Lake is 20 Km from Srinagar Airport. You can hire a cab or an auto-rickshaw from Srinagar Airport to Dal Lake. 

Tell the driver to drop you at Dalgate which is the starting of the vast 13 sqkm² Dal Lake. 

From Dal Lake, you can do a casual walk around the Dal then visit floating post office by renting a Shikara

You can visit the Post Office by the wooden stairs that lead to the small deck of the Post Office connecting the sidewalk with the Post.

From Jammu Airport: 

If your flight land in Jammu airport then you have to go to Srinagar, Kashmir which is around 300 Km from Jammu. 

From Jammu, you can visit Srinagar either by air or by road. 

You can board a flight from Jammu or you can visit Jammu Bus Stand to board a Bus to Srinagar which if you are lucky will take 10 hours. 

However, it is preferable to visit Kashmir by flight.


From Srinagar: 

From Srinagar Lal Chowk, the city centre, you can book a cab for Dal Lake which is around 3 Km from Lal Chowk. 

From Dal Lake, you can rent a Shikara for 300-500 Rs per hour and then visit India's only floating post office. 

From Jammu: 

To visit India's only floating Post Office by road you can book a cab/Taxi from Jammu to Srinagar. 

The cheapest way to Kashmir from Jammu is by Bus which will take more than 10 hours if the road is clear. 


Unfortunately, the Srinagar railway station is not connected with rest of India.

The nearest Train head is Jammu Tawi Railway Station and Udhampur Railway Station which are well connected with other parts of the country. 

From Jammu or Udhampur which is nearest, you have to rent a cab/taxi to reach Srinagar. From Srinagar rent a Shikara to the floating post office in Dal lake. 

FACT 3: Indian Post was started by the British East India Company in 1764.

Why You Should Visit?

Isn't it a fascinating fact for you that it is India's only floating post office, floating over the majestic Dal Lake which is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world? 

This floating post office is the only post office; one of its kind in the world. 

You should definitely add it to your places to visit list; next time you visit Jammu and Kashmir. 

This Indian Post Office is a well-deserved tribute to the Dal Lake. 

You should visit this floating Indian office to post your own personalised stamps.

The stamp will be going to remain with you which turns out to be a memory of a lifetime. 

If you are a keen reader then you can also buy books from the store which sells books on the history of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Also, if you are a collector, your own personalised stamps will be a unique entry to your collection and a piece to flatter. 

If you are not planning to visit this marvel then my dear friend you are missing a lot. 

FACT 4: Indian Post Office has a larger network than McDonald's, Dominos, Starbucks, D-Marts combined. 

Postal Services

Floating Post office in Dal lake

You may think that this India's floating post office is only for the tourism purpose but that's not the case. 

This Nehru Park PO is fully operational and is no less different than any other post office in the country. 

However, the beauty, aesthetics and the ambience of the place wouldn't let you believe that you are visiting a government office. 

This famous floating post office in Kashmir provides postal services to the residents of Srinagar. 

Apart from its postal services this unique post office provide banking facilities to the locals also.

It is the nearest post office to the residents of islets in the lake who mainly earn their livelihood by renting Shikaras.

It is a very famous PO and Bank among the Shikara owners. 

During the peak season of Tourism, this floating post office witnesses heavy rush. 

The Tourist who wants to take a glance at this beautiful PO and the local who rushed to deposit their earnings in the peak season. 

This heritage post office holds an important place in the heart of locals. 

FACT 5: There are around 33 crore saving account holders in Indian Post comparing to 40 crores in SBI.


I hope I have given all the information about the floating post office of India

Next time you visit Kashmir do not forget to visit this floating marvel. 

Jammu and Kashmir is full of such marvels say what natural or man-made. Jammu and Kashmir is a perfect tourist destination for you. 

If you are curious or worried about security concerns in Jammu and Kashmir, then let me assure you that Jammu and Kashmir is as safe as any other place in India. 

It is the people of the state which makes Jammu and Kashmir the most tourist-friendly destination in INDIA

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is floating Post Office in India? 

A. Floating Post office of India is anchored between the Ghat 14 and 15 of beautiful Dal Lake of Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. It is the only floating post office in India. 

Q. How many floating Post Offices are there in India? 

A. There is only one floating Post office in India which is situated in Dal Lake, Srinagar. However, there is another boat in Michigan which delivers post to the nearby ships which is also known as the floating post office of Michigan. 

Q. Who renamed the Post Office as 'floating post Office'?

A. 'JOHN SAMUEL', the Chief Postmaster renamed the Nehru Post to floating Post Office in 2011. It was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister of J&K 'Omar Abdullah'.

Q. Which is the World's only floating Post Office? 

A. Floating Post Office, 190001, formerly known as Nehru Post in Srinagar's Dal Lake is known as the world's only floating post office. However, there is another floating Post Office, JW Westcott II, which floats over the river Detriot and the great lakes in USA's Michigan. 

Q. Which country has a floating Post Office? 

A. INDIA has a floating post office known as the 'floating post office' which floats over the Dal Lake in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir. It is the only Post office in the world; one of its kind.

Q. Floating Post Office is situated in which Lake? 

A. India's floating post office is situated in the Srinagar's famous Dal Lake. It was formerly known as Nehru Post, 190001. It is anchored between the Ghat 14 and 15 of the Dal lake.

Q. Who inaugurated the first floating post office and when? 

A. Jammu and Kashmir's former Chief Minister 'Omar Abdullah' along with the Central Minister of Communication 'Sachin Pilot' inaugurated the first floating post office in 2011.

Q. How many Post Offices are there in India? 

A. India has the widest network of Post offices in the world with over 156,600 Post offices spread across the country. The country has been divided into 23 Postal circles. 

Q. How many floating Post Offices are there in the world? 

A. There is a floating Post office in India and USA. The Indian post, known as 'floating post office' floats over the famous Dal Lake of Jammu and Kashmir while J.W. Westcott II is the floating post office of Michigan which floats over Detroit river and the great lakes. 

Q. Does Indian Post deliver Internationally? 

A. Yes, International Post services are available to 15 countries in the world. These are China, Bangladesh, Australia, UK, UAE, North Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Malasia, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan.

Q. Where will you find India's only floating Post office?

A. Dal Lake in Srinagar has the only floating post office in India. 

Q. In which city is India only floating post office located? 

A. Srinagar, 190001, Jammu and Kashmir, India. 

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