Fruits of Jammu and Kashmir

Fruits of Jammu Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is well-known for its Apple and Saffron Cultivation.

But do you know there are many other fruits that are very common in Jammu and Kashmir?


There are many other fruits some are rare, but all are tasty and healthy, grown in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir.

Horticulture of Jammu and Kashmir

Before starting let us know more about the Horticulture and its contribution to the economy of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Government of India has declared Jammu and Kashmir as an Agri Export Zone (AEZ) for Apples and Walnuts

The whole region of Jammu and Kashmir including the Ladakh is mountainous except the South-West part (district of Jammu, Kathua, Samba).

It is the mountainous region of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir which mainly contributes to the production Apples and Walnuts.

Apart from that the most precious spice Saffron has also been given the GI Tag which harvests in the highlands of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Horticulture and Tourism is the backbone of the economy of the Jammu and Kashmir. 

According to the data given by the Jammu and Kashmir Government- the UT of Jammu and Kashmir generate more than 6000 crores every year in the Horticulture sector.

In the rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir Horticulture is the main source of income. 

The main aim of the Horticulture Department of Jammu and Kashmir is to increase the quality and quantity of the crop. 

For that vast area of land is utilised for the cultivation of the crops. 

Area and Production of Fruits in Jammu and Kashmir
Area and Production of Last 5 Years

District-wise Production of Fruits in J&K

Jammu and Kashmir is a diverse state with different geography. 

Let us compare the production of Apples and Mangoes in Jammu and Kashmir

In Jammu district, there is zero or no cultivation of Apples while in the Kashmir region there is no production of Mangoes. 


Distrit wise production of Fruits in Jammu and Kashmir

This is due to the difference in the climatic conditions of the two regions Jammu and Kashmir. 

However, there are many districts in the Jammu region which accounts for the production of a large number of Apples.

Take a look at the Bar Chart; how Apple production is dominated in J&K. 

Fruits of Kashmir


Due to the sheer quality of the fruits grown in Jammu and Kashmir the state government export the Horticulture products in more than 20 countries. 

Among these USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Kuwait, New Zealand are noteworthy.

Here is the list of Fruits grown in Jammu and Kashmir: 

  • Apple 
  • Cherry
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Peach
  • Figs
  • Mulberry
  • Musk-Melon
  • Kimb
  • Pears


Apples of Jammu and Kashmir

Price: 20-50 Rs/Kg
Peak Season: Dec-Jan (Winters)
Region: Mainly grown in the Kashmir region
Local Name: Seb, Tsoonth
Varieties: Golden, Delicious, Maharaja, American etc

Apples of Kashmir are the most famous fruits from Kashmir locally known as Sebh or Tsoonth.

If you are a regular fruit buyer you might have heard the fruit vendor bragging about the Kashmiri Apples. 

Kashmiri fruits, Apples are very famous in Indian as well as in the foreign market. Due to this fact, the Apples in Kashmir are grown commercially.

Apples are mostly grown in the Kashmir region. The climate of the Kashmir is suitable for the production of Apples. 

Apples are mostly grown in the Baramulla, Shopia, Anantnag, Pulwama, Kupwara districts of the Kashmir region. 

In the Jammu region, a small number of Apples are grown in Ramban, Poonch, Udhampur, Kathua districts. 

In Jammu and Kashmir, the Price of Apples from Kashmir generally varies from Rs 20-50/Kg

However, if you visit in the peak season that is in the month of Dec-Jan the prices may start from Rs. 10 per Kg.

There are many varieties of Apples grown in Jammu Kashmir- Maharaja, Rasakwadi, American, Golden, Delicious, Ambri, Kulu, Hazarbali, Chamura etc

You can buy Apples in whole Jammu and Kashmir. 

Note: In India, about 80% of the Apples come from Kashmir rest is from Himachal and Uttrakhand. 


Cherry Jammu Kashmir

Price: 100-200Rs/Kg
Peak Season: May-June
Region: Kashmir
Local Name: Gilaas 
Varieties: Mishri, Makhmali

Cheery which is locally known as 'Gilaas', Kashmiri fruits name, is also one of the majorly grown commercial crops of Jammu Kashmir.

There are four varieties of Cherry grown in Jammu and Kashmir- Awwal Number, Makhmali, Double Gilaas, Mishri.

Apart from that European Cherries are also grown in Kashmir which is larger in size than the conventional Cherries. 

Makhmai and Mishri are the prominent varieties of Cherry which are exported to other states of India. 

Mishri Cherry is large red-coloured with sweet and juicy pulps. The shelf life of Cherry ranges from 10-15 days.

Cheery most grow in Srinagar, Budgam, Baramulla, Kupwara, Anantnag and Pulwama districts of J&K. 

Cherry is packed in the cardboard boxes with proper ventilation to sent out of J&K for commercial purposes. Cherry boxes are packed in the size of 1 Kg to 5 Kg. 


Walnuts of Kashmir

Price: 100-300 Rs/Kg
Peak Season: Sep-Dec
Region: Kashmir 
Local Name: Akhrod, Doon
Varieties: Persian and Black

The Walnuts (Akhrod or Doon), dry fruits of Kashmir, are very popular in the rest of India.

People pay high prices for the quality walnuts of Kashmir which are rich in nutrients.

Walnuts Giri is also sold in air-tight packages which is the main fruit of walnuts.

The climate of Kashmir is perfect for the growth of walnuts. 

Walnuts are the most grown commodity in the valley after Apples. 

The production, as well as the collection of walnuts from the trees, is very risky.

Walnuts trees are tall and hard to climb, it takes around 6 years to flourish a walnut tree to its proper size and produce fruits. 

Moreover, wood from walnut trees is used to manufacture local crafts as well as commercial furniture. 

Walnuts are majorly grown in the Kupwara and Shopia districts of Kashmir. 

Kupwara is the largest producer of Walnuts in Jammu and Kashmir.


Price: 500-600Rs/Kg
Peak Season: Aug-Oct
Region: Kashmir
Local Name: Baadam, Giri
Varieties: Shalimar, Waris, Makced

Kashmir produces premium quality organic almonds which are very famous in India.

Almonds are one of the most purchased dry fruits of Kashmir.

There are various varieties of Almonds produced in Kashmir- Shalimar, Waris, Makced, Makdoon and California Paper Shell. 

Almond is produced commercially in Kashmir and helps in boosting the economy of the valley. 

In Kashmir division, almonds are extensively produced in Pulwama, Budgam and Anantnag.

While in the Jammu division the production of almonds is limited to Doda district only.

The cultivation of Almonds is increasing every year in Jammu and Kashmir due to the high returns and stable market for almonds. 

Almond production of Jammu and Kashmir



Price: 50 Rs/Kg
Peak Season: June-July
Region: Jammu
Local Name: Aadu, Tsenun
Varieties: Prabhat, Naak

Peach is a small apple-like fruit which grows in the hilly areas of Jammu and Kashmir. Peaches are locally known as Aadu in Jammu and Tsenun in Kashmir.

Peaches are soft, sweet and juicier than the Apples grown in Kashmir. It is, however, not grown extensively for commercial purposes due to the shorter shelf life and high vulnerability to disease and worms.

Due to this reason Peaches are not generally the fruits found in Kashmir's Market.

I remember when I used to go to my native place amidst the hills on my summer vacations, I plucked fresh peaches and then eating them is the most vivid memory I have of my childhood. 

Peaches grow in the hills areas of Jammu as well as in some parts of Kashmir. Peaches grow in the summer season from June-July month.

Peaches are a rich source of nutrients and usually turns red on ripening. 



Price: 50 Rs/Kg
Peak Season: June-July
Region: Jammu
Local Name: Fagade, Anjeer
Varieties: Pahari

Fig is another exotic fruit that is grown in Jammu and Kashmir. Fig is known as 'Fagade' in Jammu and 'Anjeer' in Kashmir. 

The tree of the figs is of average-sized while the fruits, Figs, are of a size of a thumb. Inside the black coloured fruit, there are hundreds of seeds of Figs which tastes crunchy and pulpy.

Figs are sweet on ripening and turn black from green colour. 

Moreover, when you pluck the figs or the leaves of a fig tree it secrets white-coloured liquid which has medicinal properties. 

Figs are not sold commercially and also not grown for commercial purposes. This is due to the fact that figs have a very low shelf life of 2-3 days. 



Price: 20 Rs/Kg
Peak Season: June-July
Region: Jammu
Local Name: Tutt, Tuell
Varieties: Pahari

Mulberry is a regional fruit of Jammu which grows in almost all the districts of Jammu region. Locally it is known as Tutt in Dogri and Tuell in Kashmir. 

Unlike other fruits in Jammu and Kashmir, Mulberry is grown in warm temperature areas. Mulberry is a sweet and sour fruit when fully ripen turns Dark red and became sweet. 

However, Mulberry has a very less shelf life of a few hours which makes it unsuitable for commercial purposes. Moreover, Mulberry taste better when eaten fresh this is another reason why it is not sold commercially. 


Musk-Melon Kashmir

Price: 40-60Rs/Kg
Peak Season: June-July
Region: Jammu
Local Name: Kharbooz
Varieties: Pahari

Musk-Melon is another fruit that grows in Jammu and Kashmir particularly in the Jammu region. It is locally known as Kharbooz which is often confused with Watermelon which is known as Tarooz or Dwaana.

Musk-Melon is sold commercially in the month of June-July when summers are at its peak in Jammu and Kashmir. It is a great fruit rich in nutrients and keeps you hydrated often found in the markets of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kharbooz is also widely used in the local festival of Damdeh in which relatives gives fruits and other materials to each other.

9. Kimb 


Price: Non-Commercial
Peak Season: Winters
Region: Jammu
Local Name: Kimb
Varieties: Jammu Kimb

Kimb (Citrus medica) a citrus fruit unique to the region of Jammu. Kimb is a Dogra Cuisine primarily prepared in the Dogra households of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Kimb is prepared with a chutney prepared with Walnuts, Chilli, Corriander, jaggery giving it a notorious sweet, sour and spicy delight. It is usually eaten in the winters enjoying the Sun on a sunny day. 

A special Tunni is done with the help of coal which gives the Kimb smoky flavour. All the flavours combined making it a perfect local cuisine you ever wanted to try in the far wonderland.

10. Pears 


Price: 40 Rs per Kg
Peak Season: Jun-July
Region: Jammu, Kashmir
Local Name: Naakh
Varieties: Naak, Babugosha

Pears are one of the most common fruits found in Jammu and Kashmir. Locally Pears are known as Naakh or Babughosha in Dogri and Tung in Kashmiri.

They generally grow on the hilly region of J&K. Medium-sized trees which fruits annually. Pears are green bulb-shaped and sweet in taste on ripening. 

Due to the less shelf life of the pears, they are not widely grown and not extensively sold commercially as compared to Apples in the market of Jammu and Kashmir.

Moreover, Pears require constant attention and care as they are the favourite fruits of monkeys and bees. You can easily hear the buzz sound near a pear tree due to the presence of bees which feed on Pears. 




There are many other fruits of Jammu and Kashmir that grows extensively and sold commercially in the market. 

These are Mangoes, Watermelon, Guava, Rasberry, Pear, Apricot, Plum, Quince etc.

Mangoes are mainly grown in the Jammu region. 

In Jammu and Kashmir alone there are more than 500 species of Mangoes grown. 

Guava and Pear are also among the most grown fruits in the Jammu region, however, they are not sold commercially. 

Jammu and Kashmir is a Himalayan region with diverse topography which provides a suitable environment for this unique vegetation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which fruit is famous in Kashmir? 

A. Apples of Kashmir, Walnuts, Almonds are the most famous fruits. There are many varieties of these available in the market. 

Q. Where should I buy dry fruits of Jammu Kashmir? 

A. In Jammu, you can buy dry fruits from Kanak Mandi Market, Raghunath Baazar while in Kashmir, Lal Chowk Market Srinagar is best for dry fruits. 

Q. What is the Price of Apples in Kashmir? 

A. Apples in Jammu and Kashmir generally cost about 20-40 Rs per Kilo. 

Q. Does eating Apples increase Fairness?

A. There is no valid proof that eating Apples increases fairness. It is a myth that Kashmiris are beautiful because they eat Apples. Skin Color depends upon the Climatic Conditions. 

Q. What is the most grown fruit of Kashmir? 

A. Apples and Mangoes are the most grown fruits in Jammu and Kashmir. Apples of Jammu and Kashmir are sold commercially in the Indian as well as in the foreign market. 

Q. What are the vegetables grown in Jammu and Kashmir? 

A. (Lotus Roots) Nandru, Kadam, Kasrod etc are the main regional fruits in Jammu and Kashmir. 

Q. What is the main crop of Jammu and Kashmir?

A. Rice, Wheat, Barley are the main crops of Jammu and Kashmir. However, most of the peasants depend upon the fruit cultivation. 

Q. What are the famous fruits in Kashmir? 

A. The most famous fruits of Jammu and Kashmir are- Apples, Walnuts, Almonds, Cherry, Apricot, Mulberry, Watermelon, Guava etc.

Q. List of fruits grown in Jammu and Kashmir. 

A. List of fruits grown in Jammu and Kashmir: 
  • Apples 
  • Walnuts 
  • Almonds
  • Cherry 
  • Apricot 
  • Peaches
  • Mulberry
  • Plums 
  • Figs 
  • Saffron 
  • Grapes
  • Guavas
  • Mangoes
  • Watermelon 
  • Muskmelon
  • Quince
  • Barberry

Q. When is the fruit season in Kashmir?

A. The fruit season in Kashmir is Summer Jun-Aug for the fruits- Cherry, Apples, Figs, Strawberry, Mangoes, guavas, peach, apricots.

Q. What are the Kashmiri fruits name? 

A. Kashmiri Fruits Name:
  • Apple- Tsoonth in Kashmiri
  • Almonds- Badaam in Kashmiri
  • Walnuts- Akhrod in Kashmiri
  • Cherry- Gilaas in Kashmiri
  • Apricot- Tser in Kashmiri
  • Pears- Tsung in Kashmiri
  • Mulberry- Tuell in Kashmiri
  • Watermelon- Dwana in Kashmiri
  • Muskmelon- Kharbooz in Kashmiri
  • Figs- Anjeer in Kashmiri

Q. Write about qualities of major fruits produced in Jammu and Kashmir?

A. The major fruits produced in Jammu and Kashmir are Apples, Almond, Pear, Cherry, Apricot etc. They are high in Vitamins, rich in natural antioxidants and essential nutrients. 

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