Vaishno Devi Online Helicopter Booking 

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board (SMVDSB) provides following online booking services to the pilgrims:
  1. Helicopter Booking
  2. Yatra Parchi 
  3. Room Booking 
  4. Poojan 

Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking

Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking Price 2020

The Fare of Helicopter, Rate of Ticket is Rs. 1045 per person (one side). For the round trip, the Ticket price per passenger will be Rs 2090/-

Also, other Taxes will be charged on the date of travel in the respective Helipad either Katra or Sanji-Chatt. It will be around 100-150 around 12.5% Tax imposed on Commercial Helicopters.

Helicopter Booking

Steps for Helicopter Booking in Vaishno Devi

STEP 1: 

Register yourself as 'New Devotee' by signing up the Devotee Registration form in the official website of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board.

Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking Online

STEP 2: 

After successfully completed your registration; your Username & Password will be sent to your email address. Check the Inbox of your email.

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking


Now, Log in with your Username and Password sent to your Email address. 

Online Helicopter booking for Vaishno Devi Yatra

Note: If you are unable to Log in; Close the browser window and then Try Again.

STEP 4: 

After Login Click on Helicopter Services. 

Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking Online

STEP 5: 

Select Route: Katra-Sanjhichhat or Sanjhichhat-Katra. Select Number of Passengers and Reservation Date. Check Availability. 

Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking Online

STEP 6: 

Fill in the registration details of the Passengers: Name, Gender, Age, Identity Proof, Id Proof Number and Contact Number. 

Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking


Click on Proceed to Book which leads you to the Payment Gateway. You can book your online ticket using Debit/Credit Cards. Enter the Card details and Click Proceed to Pay. 

 STEP 8: 

After Successful payment, a message will appear on the screen, click on Yes and your Booking is Done! Obtain the printout of the tickets and carry it with the rest of your journey. 

STEP 9: 

After the Booking, check the Transaction Status in Successful Transaction details.  

Vaishno Devi Online Helicopter Booking

STEP 10: 

Click on Yatra Parchi to book your online Yatra Parchi which is free of cost. Yatra Parchi is mandatory for Travel. In case you are not able to book your Yatra Parchi, you can get your Offline Yatra Parchi from Yatra Registration Counter near Bus Stand Katra. 

Yatra Parchi Vaishno Devi


Offline Helicopter Booking 

  • Offline Helicopter Booking starts at 8 AM in the morning.
  • The queue starts way before 8 AM so it is advisable to book your tickets online from Shri Mata Vaishno Devi official website. 
  • You can also book your helicopter tickets offline from local Private Tour and Travel Companies but this might cost you some extra bucks, generally, the market price is around 3000Rs/Person. However, you should avoid these booking options. 
  • Also, Specially abled devotees, senior citizens, and others who are unable to trek can buy their current tickets from Current Ticket Counter at Niharika Complex, near Bus Stand, Katra.

Helicopter Helipads

There are two Helipads:
  • Katra Base-Helipad
  • Sanjihhi-chat Helipad

NOTE: From Sanjhi-Chatt the Darbar of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi is around 2.5 Km. If you are unable to walk there is the facility of electric cabs.


Helicopter Operations

  • The Helicopter will operate on the basis of clear weather and visibility as per the rules and regulations of Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and clearance by the Air Traffic Controller (ATC). 
  • Full refund is provided if the flight is cancelled due to bad weather/technical reasons. Passengers are then requested to submit the Helicopter Ticket and receipt to the concerned Helicopter Operator in person to initiate the refund. 
  • The flight from Katra to Sanjhi-Chatt takes around 8 minutes. 
  • In one flight the helicopter has the accommodation capacity of 5-6 passengers. 
  • Fair for one way trip is 1045 Rs/Person while for the round trip the fair will be 2095 Rs/Person. 
  • Katra Base-Helipad is around 2 Km from Katra Bus Stand at Udhampur road.
  • Online Booking of Helicopter is not subjected to any kind of Postponed or Preponed but can be cancelled with a 70% refund. 
  • Once booked the tickets cannot be transferred to any other person. This is to prevent Private Tour and Travel Companies from mass Pre-booking of tickets.  
  • In case of failure in Transaction, the refund will be made by the Shrine board. 

Helicopter Service Providers 

Currently, the Helicopter service in Shri Mata Vaishno Devi has been provided by two Companies: 

Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking Tips

  1. Passengers have to report at the boarding Helipad one hour prior to the notified departure time.
  2. After Booking check Transaction Status in the Transaction Section.
  3. Helicopter tickets are not required for the Children below 2 years of age. 
  4. Keep the Proof of Travel documents; Air/Train/Bus/Taxi Tickets with you before boarding.  
  5. Make sure to carry Id Proofs and the Debit/Credit Card (used for the payment) with you.
  6. Beware of Tourist Agents and other Travel Frauds. 
  7. Plan your journey carefully as the Helicopter bookings are not allowed to Postponed or Preponed. 
  8. Fill the details of the passengers carefully, the helicopter tickets are non-transferable. 
  9. Make sure to have Yatra Registration Slip (Yatra Parchi) with you. It is mandatory, without it you are not allowed to travel.
  10. For any refund issue, send a request at within 30 days after the date of expected travel. 

Guidelines for Advance Helicopter Booking

  • At the time of Boarding, the authorities will verify the Debit/Credit Card used for the payment. If you fail to produce so, result in the cancellation of your tickets. 
  • Do not buy Helicopter tickets other than the official website of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Trust.
  • It is compulsory to receive Yatra Parchi which you can avail from the Yatra Parchi Registration Counter near Katra Bus Stand. 
  • ID Proof of all the members of the family who are supposed to buy tickets is required. 
  • Beware of Tourist frauds taking money in the name of Helicopter tickets and VIP Passes
  • A maximum of 5 seats can be booked by a single user in a month for the helicopter. 
  • Printout of the ERS (Electronic Registration Slip) should be obtained after successful online booking of Helicopter.

Special Guidelines in the wake of Corona Virus

  • Persons above the age of 60 years, chronic illness, pregnant women, children below the age of 10 years are not allowed for the Yatra. 
  • Only those who have registered online will be allowed for Yatra. 
  • The use of 'Arogya Setu' Application is mandatory. 
  • Face Masks/Face Covers are essential for the Yatra without which you are not allowed for Yatra. 
  • You have to test yourself for Covid-19 if you are from outside Jammu and Kashmir. 
  • Pilgrims from Red Zones are also subjected to Covid-19 testing and allowed only after tested negative.
  • Physical Distancing, at least six feet, is essential to maintain. 
  • Touching/Kissing of idols is not allowed. 
  • No Mats or Blankets to be provided by the Bhawan. 
  • Spitting is strictly prohibited. 
  • Pilgrims should wash Hands and feet frequently with soap

Ticket Cancellation Policy

  • Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board will not be responsible for wrong booking due to incorrect or incomplete form submitted by the users. 
  • Offline Tickets will not be cancelled, postponed or preponed. 
  • Online booked tickets can be Cancelled 4 days prior to the departure time, but can not be postponed or preponed. 
  • 70% amount will be refunded to the user if the tickets are cancelled, the remaining amount is deducted as processing charges.
  • Cancellation can be made up to 4 days from the expected date of travel. 
  • The refund will be processed into the user's account within 15 days after the cancellation. 
  • Refund will be provided into the same account whose Debit/Credit Card was used for the payment.


By following the above mentioned steps you can easily book your Helicopter ticket for Vaishno Devi Yatra. I recommend you to plan your journey carefully and book your ticket prior the Yatra in order to save yourself from last minute rush. You should also beaware of the frauds which claims that they can book you a Helicopter Ticket to Vaishno Devi. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I book Helicopter for Vaishno Devi?

A. Vaishno Devi Helicopter Booking Online
  1. Register Yourself as New Devotee at Vaishno Devi Official Website. 
  2. Login with your Account 
  3. Click on Helicopter Services
  4. Select Route
  5. Fill the details of Passengers
  6. Proceed to Book
  7. Pay the Amount 1045/Person 
  8. Print out ERS

Q. How far is Vaishno Devi Temple from Katra? 

A. Vaishno Devi Temple is around 14-17 Km from Katra. There are two routes to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Temple. The older route is 14 Km while the New Tarakote Marg is 17 Km. 

Q. Is there any ambulance and ATM at Vaishno Devi? 

A. ATM services are provided in Katra as well as at some places in the trek. In case of any emergency, Air-Ambulance is there to serve the pilgrims. 

Q. Where can I buy a VIP Pass to Vaishno Devi? 

A. There is no such thing as VIP Passes in Vaishno Devi. However, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board provide special entry to Defense Personals as well as to their family members. 

Q. What is the right time to Travel to Vaishno Devi?

A. In the Winters Oct-Feb is the right time to travel to Vaishno Devi. If you are fortunate you may also experience snowfall in Vaishno Devi. 

Q. Is it safe to Travel Vaishno Devi after Article 370 removal?

A. Jammu is a peaceful region of the UT of Jammu and Kashmir. You can travel Jammu without any security concerns. Jammu is a safe place to visit even after the removal of Article 370. 

Q. What is the fare of helicopter from Katra to Vaishno Devi?

A. The Fare of Helicopter, Rate of Ticket is Rs. 1045 per person (one side). For the round trip, the Ticket price per passenger will be Rs 2090/-

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